Enjoying His GRACE
Knowing His BIBLE
Building His CHURCH

Who We Are

Grace Bible Churches are a network of friendly, multi-generational, local churches committed to faithfully teaching the Bible so that the gospel of Jesus Christ might impact Brisbane and beyond.

We focus on God’s grace and what He has done for us through Christ as revealed to us by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures. We have a diverse congregation who enjoy a variety of styles when we gather for corporate worship. We seek to minister to various ages, cultures and social backgrounds, both those who already know Christ and those still searching for answers.

Although we are not a denomination, we enjoy wider fellowship as members of the Christian Community Churches of Australia.

The best way to find out about us is to come and get to know us.

Our vision is:

To see the Gospel permeate and transform Brisbane and beyond through a network of biblically faithful churches.

Our mission is:

To proclaim Christ, to equip and mature His saints, and to plant other churches who share our vision.

Our motto:

GBC – we’re serious about the Bible – learning it, living it, sharing it

We seek to honour Christ by:

Enjoying His GRACE
Preaching His BIBLE
Building His CHURCH

Our broad theological position:

The closest theological system to our position is Reformed Baptist.

We are reformed in that we hold to the absolute sovereignty and supremacy of God in all things. What has historically framed those who are reformed is holding to what is known as these five fundamental truths:

  • Scripture Alone is the final, infallible, source of authority for all faith and practice especially in regard to our salvation.
  • Christ Alone is the only ground of our salvation.
  • Grace Alone is the unmerited gift by which God grants salvation.
  • Faith Alone is the means by which we receive God’s gift of salvation.
  • The Glory of God Alone is the chief end of salvation.

We are baptistic because we hold that the symbolic ordinance of baptism is only for those who have personally responded to the gospel in faith.

Some characteristics of our church are:

If you are looking for these characteristics in a church this might be a good place for you.

  • We are Christ-centred in all we do.
  • We emphasise expository preaching that applies to the lives of Christians.
  • We seek to be a people who depend on the Lord in prayer.
  • We desire to reach the lost world around us.
  • In terms of congregational singing we desire to worship God with biblical lyrics and music regardless of style.
  • We endeavour to see each Christian grow in their faith, so we take accountability and discipleship seriously.
  • We find our unity in Christ rather than in our backgrounds, ages, stages of life or some peripheral teaching or practice.
  • We have a strong homegroup network and encourage those in the church to connect and grow in fellowship.
  • We have vibrant children’s, youth and young adult ministries.

However, if you are looking for the following characteristics in a church this might not be a good place for you:

  • If you desire church to be an event to attend rather than a community to be part of.
  • If you are not seeking accountability to help you grow in the Lord.
  • If there is a peripheral teaching or practice that is more important to you than the unity of the saints.
  • If you want tradition or preference to be your guide rather than the Bible.
  • If you are looking for a perfect church. We believe we have an incredible church – but we certainly are not perfect.
  • We believe the Lord has given us a fellowship of warm, friendly, growing Christians who take their faith seriously and want to make a difference in the world for Christ.

If these characteristics resonate with you then consider getting to know us and joining us in this God-given mission.