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Wisdom From Above

Christians throw the term ‘wisdom’ around a lot.

It is a very common thing for Christians to pray and ask God for ‘wisdom’ when faced with the decisions of life.

I have listened to many prayers over the past few weeks – and I can tell you in many prayers I heard a plea for wisdom.

There are a few phrases Christians use a lot in prayers.

Father-God …

If it be Your will …

We ask for your wisdom …

And if there is a decision to be made – a plea for God’s wisdom is almost universal.

You are trying to decide if you should marry Fred, you’ve been offered a job in New Guinea and don’t know if you should take it, you are trying to decide if now is the right time to have a child – and so Christians very commonly pray for God to give them ‘wisdom’ in their decision making.

I suspect there would be few if any Christians here who have not prayed for wisdom in the big and small choices of life.

But, if that is you – then I want to ask you – when you prayed – and said God please give me wisdom – what did you actually mean by that? – what did you want from God?

Recently, after some people had prayed and asked God for wisdom – I asked – what did you mean when you asked God for wisdom?

Most looked at me as if to say – I don’t know – I just want wisdom.