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Oh, for a home-cooked sermon

By Kyösti Toivola

Travel or holidays away from home are enjoyable, but one of the comments we hear ourselves say is, ‘Oh, for a home cooked meal!’ While over-priced, professionally presented and pallet pleasing meals are nice, nothing beats the humble home cooked dinner prepared specifically for you (or by you) with loving hands and eaten in loving company.

I believe this also goes with the ‘pulpit food’ we get at our home church.

Here at Grace Bible Church, we are often blessed with some amazing guest speakers – from Bible colleges;  churches locally; churches inter-state and even from overseas. They have all waxed eloquent, with great  oratorical skills, quotable sermons and some with a great accent. But despite all these I’ve found myself  saying, ‘Oh, for a home cooked sermon!

While guest speakers are a great blessing, I know what is best for me, my family, you and our local churches  are preachers that, as I have heard it said, ‘smell like the sheep.’

After listening to a guest speaker at our church, I started listing some points that set my pastors, and your pastors, apart from visiting guest speakers. Points that no traveling international preacher can fulfill for me or you. Points that no podcast preacher, no book author, no guest camp or conference speaker could meet for our local churches.  Points that cause us to hunger for a true ‘home church cooked sermon’.

Our Pastors are accountable to God for the…