Kingdom Kids & KidZown

For those parents who wish to have their children taught at an age appropriate level during our first service, we offer two ministries which begin after the worship segment of the first service. These ministries are: Kingdom Kids & KidZown.

Kindgom Kids: Ages 4-7
Kingdom Kids is a ministry with a two-fold design: 1] to aid parents with younger children to be less distracted during the preaching of the Word, and 2] to serve children in having “age-targeted” instruction, always with a hands-on activity or craft to reinforce the lesson.

KidZown: Grades 3-6
KidZown [KZ] is a enjoyable and targeted ministry to transition kids into attending “big church.” KZ meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month and includes lessons related to why we do what we do in “big church”, so that our kids understand why we sing, why we have sermons, baptisms, etc. They learn how to listen for and write down things such as the sermon title, passage, application points, any questions they have. They then practice this the following week.