Introducing God

Introducing God is a completely free eight week course (one evening per week for eight weeks), regularly run at Grace Bible Church and many other churches throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is an excellent introduction to the Christian faith, sweeping across the entire message of the Bible.

Introducing God is a relaxed course, combining some multi-media with informal discussion over dessert & coffee. This encourages questions and the sharing of perspectives. You’re most welcome to bring a friend along with you. You can come along to the first evening and see what you think.

The course is especially helpful to those who have had little direct exposure to Christianity, yet even those with some church background have gained much from participating.

If you’re interested in participating in our next Introducing God course, or would like to find out more, simply fill out the form on our contact page. We generally run the course twice per year, but can run it more frequently if there is sufficient demand.

The next Introducing God course will commence on 3 May at the church [directions].

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