Frequently asked questions

Where can I park when I come to Grace Bible Church?
What is church like?
Who should I speak to about what to do at a Sunday Service?
Will I have to say or do anything in the Service?
Is there a dress code?
How do I get involved in a fellowship group?
How is the church led?
Are all welcome to partake of communion?
What type of baptism do you practice?


Parking is available along Yuletide Street and in the streets around the church.

Type Of Church

We love the Lord and have a high view of His Word. Each week we have many homegroups, youth groups and young adult groups that meet for fellowship, accountability and to grow more like Jesus.We run regular evangelistic outreaches and have a heart for those who do not know the Lord.

Our church covers the whole range of ages from infants to seniors.

We consider ourselves a friendly church that welcomes all who want to fellowship with us.

Who should I speak to about what to do at a Sunday Service?

We have ushers on the front door who can help you with seating, creche, children’s ministry or anything else you might need.
As well, you can speak to just about anyone, who will point you in the right direction.

Will I have to say or do anything in the Service?

We want to make you feel welcome and we will not ask you to say or do anything or identify you during the service.

You will be welcomed at the front door and usually new visitors will be noticed by members by members of the church sitting near you. During our offering (which is something we don’t expect visitors to give toward), one of the deacons will have a visitor’s welcome pack if you would like information on the church.

If you would like a visit or information from one of the pastors, there are visitor cards in every pew and you can fill one out and put it in the offering or give it to an usher.

Is there a dress code?

We have no dress code except the request that you dress modestly and appropriately for a service of worship.

Fellowship Groups

We have a variety of Youth, Young Adult and Fellowship Groups that meet weekly. These are a wonderful time for the body to grow together.

We encourage those who are a part of the church to join one of these groups.

For further information, please see Home Fellowship Groups.


Our church follows the biblical pattern of being led by a group of elders who are supported by deacons. We also seek input from the members of the church.


The Lord’s Table at Grace Bible Church is open to all who profess faith in Christ and we welcome all brothers and sisters in Christ to join us in this time to remember our salvation won by the death of the Lord.


We hold that the Lord has commanded all who have professed faith to be baptised by immersion.