Every Christmas is a reminder that God has drawn near – bringing Light, Joy, Freedom and Peace – to any who choose to accept the gift of His Son.

The God-child who comes to save His people.

You cannot earn it – you certainly don’t deserve it – so that is why the essence of Christmas is grace – an unearned gift.

Recently my wife and I caught up with a couple who are very dear long-time friends.

They told us that something incredible had happened.

The wife told us about her dad.

He was the most grizzled, hardened atheist you could find. A very successful businessman who despised anyone who was weak enough to believe in God.

He was quite upset when his only daughter became a Christian.

She prayed for him for over forty years. He steadfastly refused to listen to the gospel.

But now as death was approaching, for the first time his heart cracked – and he asked her – tell me about Jesus.

He wanted to know – is it too late for me to accept Jesus? She was able to say – no dad – it is never too late.

Some might think – how unfair! He lived a selfish, worldly life – and then when death comes – he wants to repent.

Yeah – it is unfair – completely unfair … but that is the gospel.

Israel didn’t deserve grace. I don’t deserve grace. You don’t deserve grace – but God sends it anyway – in the form of a child – the Word become flesh – born to save His people.

Merry Christmas.