“No Turning Back.”

Those 3 words mark the ‘refrain’ of a 19th century hymn that later was made popular by the Billy Graham Crusades.

The lyrics recount the final words of a man from India.  When the Hindu village chief called this man to renounce his new Christian faith or lose his life, the man replied, “I have decided to follow Jesus.  No turning back.”

As the chief signalled for his execution, the missionary who led this man to Jesus, who put the man’s words to music, recounts that right before his execution, the man sang, ‘The cross before me, the world behind me – no turning back.”

The Book of Hebrews is written to Christians who were struggling, weary, counting the cost of following Jesus…tempted to “turn back” and stop following Jesus.  We need motivation to keep pressing on in Christ when times are tough – which they are, more and more, in our post-Christian era.

That motivation is simple, but glorious:  Jesus Is BETTER!

Every promise from the old covenant finds its fulfilment in Jesus; every shadow from the old covenant finds its substance in Jesus.  And we will see, the deep longings that God has created in the human soul:  to know God, to belong, to be secure, to be loved, know our purpose…all of these longings of the soul are met in Jesus Christ.

Come along for our journey through the Book of Hebrews.  And all who are struggling, keep pressing on in your journey with Jesus.   Remember…no turning back, because Jesus is better!