James tells us that God is a jealous God who hates our spiritual idolatry.

But, don’t think that spiritual adultery is just abandoning God and running full on after money, sex, pleasure.

It can be and often it does end up there.

Or even that you have to have God out of the picture to be adulteresses.

I suspect that the majority of those Christians James was addressing had God in their life just not as the supreme priority.

Why is this so shocking James calls it adultery?

If my life were revealed to look this:

WOMAN 1 – ME – DENA (My wife) – WOMAN 2

I could argue all I want and say to her – but Dena you are in there – you are still important – you are still a part of my life – but I can tell you – if that was my life – I would be lucky to live the day.

My wife is a jealous wife – praise the Lord!

Guys – you should only marry a jealous woman.

Jealous women brook no rivals.

Jealous women would never tolerate any adultery.

But James wants us to know – our God – the Almighty, the Holy, the Everlasting – He is a jealous God who will brook no rivals.

So – how does your life look?

If the American NSA and CIA really delved into you – and now we know they can – how you spend your money and time – what you watch and do – how you act towards others – how you treat yourself – how would your life look?

Who gets the supremacy? – GOD or ME?

Where do you truly look for satisfaction?

Because the answer to this tells you if you are a friend or an enemy of God.